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Augmented Reality

Imagine if the line between the virtual and the real simply didn’t exist.

Augmented reality is incredibly useful and powerful. Show all your incredible products to your clients around the world in no time. Let them imagine how they will look, feel and fit in their hands.

You can now interact with a virtual object as if it’s in the real world. You can do things you couldn’t imagine before using augmented reality, and discover new ways of doing the things you need to get done today. 


Manage your reservations, your waiting list and your customer address book from your iPad, saving time and space.

Stop wasting sheets of paper!
It records all the data you need and saves valuable information about bookings received by phone, by email or by passing customers.

Send SMS or Email for free to let them know the booking confirmation, when the table is ready and they can sit or inform them of your next event or menu of the week!

More power in your hands to do better everything you do.

Hey, Alexa!

Instantly connect to Alexa to control your company, and get information, news, indications, and more using just your voice.

We create the skills you need to have on your personal device to get the more out of it, to save you time and money.

Hands-free voice control lets Alexa hear you from across the room even when you are doing something else. Get what you need from your customised personal assistance — just ask.

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