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Showroom 4.5

We create ultra high-definition, interactive showrooms that uses the immersive power of virtual reality to offer an innovative  product experience. With new ways of exploration and visualization, customers can open their mind to new possibilities.

Your customers don’t have to wait until they get home and unwrap their packs to truly become part of the your shopping experience.

The VR experience invite them to visualize different combinations in real time. It sets customers free to think beyond the given things, making the most out of their visit to your website or shop and helping them truly find their very own product for life.

3D Configurator

3D product configurators are the major new trend in online marketing and e-commerce. Personalization and customization are the new standards for digital commerce — allow your visitors to put their finishing touch on your products.

Your customers will be able to see and customize their orders, appreciating photo-real virtual models of your products from any point of view that they can rotate, zoom and personalize.

We will create realistic 3D models of your products using the latest technologies available. Why should you just using traditional photography to tell the story of your brand?


Riproduci video
Riproduci video

Augmented Reality

Imagine if the line between the virtual and the real simply didn’t exist.

Augmented reality is incredibly useful and powerful. Show all your incredible products to your clients around the world in no time. Let them imagine how they will look, feel and fit in their hands.

You can now interact with a virtual object as if it’s in the real world. You can do things you couldn’t imagine before using augmented reality, and discover new ways of doing the things you need to get done today. 

AR Marketing

Upload the file instead of a picture and live a unique online shopping experience.

«People who tried the “View in Room” feature on a product page were 3x more likely to buy that item.» – This statement comes from the headquarters of Wayfair.


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