Augmented Reality

Trying the visual effect of cosmetics has never been so simple and easy.
Imagine if the line between the virtual and the real world simply didn’t exist.
The Makeup Filter adapts perfectly to the features of the face.
Now you can show your products instantly to clients all around the world in no time.


We can develop perfect virtual makeup try-on apps. let your clients try on real products from all their favorite brands! They will be even able to purchase them through the app!
Upgrade the selfie game with a suite of ultra-glam augmented reality filters!
Gather a library of video makeup tutorials to showcase tips, tricks, and new products to improve your clients’ makeup routine.

beauty copy


The first impression counts and looks matter.

No matter how much thought and effort you put into website strategy, user experience, or design, if your site doesn’t function correctly, customers and prospects will stay away. And in the long run, a suboptimal website demands more effort from your own team and may be more difficult to update, change, or use.

We develop customized solutions to best meet your needs.

Hey, Alexa!

Instantly connect to Alexa to control your company, and get information, news, indications, and more using just your voice.

We create the skills you need to have on your personal device to get the more out of it, to save you time and money.

Hands-free voice control lets Alexa hear you from across the room even when you are doing something else. Get what you need from your customised personal assistance — just ask.


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